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The Perfect Storm - Time Lapse

Dedon 'Between Dusk & Dawn' - Time Lapse

Siargao 'Paradise in Time Lapse' - Time Lapse

Siargao 'Dawn to Dusk' - Time Lapse

Siargao 'Dusk to Dawn' - Time Lapse

Siargao 'Night Light' - Time Lapse

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Milky Way at Siargao

The Milky Way shot at the Dedon Island resort in Siargao, Philippines. I shot this image during one of my time lapses at the resort. After a few of my Milky Way time lapses went viral on Facebook, I went to Dedon and offered them to create a full movie of the resort, shooting sunset to sunrise and the Milky Way using their resort and fantastic furniture as a foreground. Look for my Dedon time lapse movie to see the stunning result.

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