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The Perfect Storm - Time Lapse

Dedon 'Between Dusk & Dawn' - Time Lapse

Siargao 'Paradise in Time Lapse' - Time Lapse

Siargao 'Dawn to Dusk' - Time Lapse

Siargao 'Dusk to Dawn' - Time Lapse

Siargao 'Night Light' - Time Lapse

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Sunrise at the Cloud 9 Boardwalk

Surise at the Cloud 9 boardwalk in Siargao, Philippines. Shot from the down the stairs where all surfers and swimmers go down to enter the water, it's a short careful walk to the are where all the waves are, just about 20-30 past the tower. The tide changes 45 minutes per day, so surfing is all decided by the tides. Most mornings you'll find a lot of surfers here, except at low tide. Sunset is packed with people, I like the mornings :)

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