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Siargao Lightning 5

Lightning storm behind the Cloud 9 boardwalk at Siargao, Philippines. Capturing lightning at the boardwalk was one of my missions since I got here 5 months ago. There's quite a lot of lightning at and around Siargao, but to capture it at the boardwalk is not an easy talk. I was at Harana's nice Food Bazar, but as I saw lightning appear nearby I drove home to pickup my gear and drive to the boardwalk. Here I had a comfortable and dry seat at the first tower, where I could shoot the other one as the lightning moved behind it. It was way to far away to get the shot I had in mind: clear visible lightning, a nice bolt. I captured a couple of bolts in the 2 hours of shooting, but they are too small and don't come out very well. Even cropping wouldn't give a much better result, so I left it at this composition.