TimeScapes is about capturing time and light with photos, which translate into video and photos. By capturing a scene at different moments and finally blending images by using transparency techniques, I portray a scene where you can see the change of time and/or light.

When I started doing photography and would observe nature for the best timing of my shot, I became fascinated by the changes in the sky; from the growing and evolving clouds to the changing of the colours during a sunrise or sunset. It was that fascination that got me started into time lapse photography. As years passed I often thought about ways of capturing that passing of time in images instead of videos.

As I learned more about photography, I came to understand the importance of light. Photography actually literally means ‘drawing with light’. But in photography there isn’t much ‘drawing’ involved, except for maybe for certain types of long exposure photography and light drawing. But the latter is actually drawing within a photo, not with photography itself. As ideas evolved for TimeScapes, I wanted it to become about capturing time ánd light.

For the start of my TimeScapes project I went to Mt Bromo for a full month to shoot footage for TimeScape movie and to create the base material for my different photo series. A lot of testing an experimenting was needed to understand what type of footage worked best and how to create the various themes.

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