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El Nido: Day2Night - Time Lapse

El Nido: Gem of the Philippines

El Nido: Nacpan Beach - Aerial Video

El Nido: Helicopter Island - Aerial Video

El Nido: Matinloc Island - Aerial Video

El Nido: Lagoons - Aerial Video

El Nido: 7 Commandos - Aerial Video

El Nido: Las Cabanas - Aerial Video

El Nido: Town - Aerial Videos

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El Nido - Island hopping

El Nido - Island hopping

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. Palawan is named worlds most beautiful island for the second year in a row, largely thanks to the beautiful scenery of the islands and beaches at El Nido. You can't leave Palawan without doing any of the trips at El Nido. The locations are divided in 4 different tours, A B C & D, but you can do combination tours and, even better, organise your own private tour. This way you'll be able to avoid the large crowds and choose where to go and how long to stay. Your island hopping tour will be much more enjoyable that way. I organised a private tour for our group of 3 and found a couple to join us. We left earlier and stayed till after sunset, paying only a few bucks more and we had the best possible day. I couldn't get enough of the gorgeous island scenery and its beautiful rock formations. There's lagoons and beaches to visit, spots for snorkeling and swimming, the boat staff will cook you an incredible lunch.

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