Dedon 'Between Dusk and Dawn'

Dedon 'Between Dusk and Dawn' time lapse movie.Recently I had the honour to shoot a time lapse movie of the Milky Way at and for the Dedon Island resort here at Siargao, Philippines. The result is a mind blowing movie of the high class resort where the Milky Way is met by some fierce lightning storms. Capturing the milky with lightning was high on my list, but something I never even really expected to be able to capture, because of the extreme difference in light and the luck needed for the lightning and me to be in the same position (also being not too clouded to even see the milky way!). One of the nights everything was perfect, the storm a couple of miles off the coast and me near the beach with 4 camera's, capturing the magic in its full splendour.

I could not have hoped for any more unique footage. I never planned or even wanted lightning to be part of the atmosphere for this (it was supposed to be a serene combination of the furniture and the Milky Way), but when most of my footage shot over several nights had lightning going on, I had to work with it and it turned out incredible. I was able to borrow 2 camera’s and tripods (thanks Viento del Mar & Shaka!), so I was armed 4 camera’s hoping to get all my footage in 2 days of shooting from sunset to sunrise. I wanted not only to display the milky way, but show the transition from day to night and back, starting and ending with some of the colorful sunrises $ sunsets we get here.

Shot with two Nikon D800’s (14-24/f.2.8 & 16-35/f4), a Nikon D700 (17-70/f2.8-4) and Sony RX100iv. Edited with Photoshop, Lightroom, LRTimelapse and After Effects. Photopills app used for planning, QdslrDashboard app for shooting time lapses.

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The Perfect Storm movie

A short movie showing the 4 scenes only of the lightning storm with the Milky Way.

The Perfect Storm

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