Mt Bromo TimeScapes videos

In my TimeScape video I wanted to take photography to a next level by interpreting ‘drawing with light’ in a most literal way. A regular time lapse (watch my Mt Bromo time lapse!) shows the passing of time as well, but only is a fast-forward way and images occur just as regular photos. What I wanted was to show the passing of time by overlaying images using transparency techniques. This could be done in Photoshop, but that would be very time consuming. I found Starstax to be the perfect program for it, because it does the overlay effect automatically. It gives you various transparency options and can save every step, creating an image sequence to be used for a video scene.

 A lot of experimenting was involved, because although I had an idea, I had not yet found a way to put it into practice. But Starstax really was the answer to create these videos in the easiest way, or at least as I’ve found out. What it basically does is maintain the light throughout the different frames, thus showing the movement of clouds and the changing of light. To have a nice effect you need a proper scene with nice movement (clouds or Milky Way) and a nice changing of colours. Mt Bromo turned a fantastic location for it, the smoke coming out of the volcano works magically in these scenes.

Mt Bromo 'Drawing with Light' video

Short versions:

Mt Bromo TimeScape #1 - short video

Mt Bromo TimeScape #2 - short video

Mt Bromo TimeScape #3 - short video

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